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Add Privacy To Your Bathroom With Style

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Naturally, the bathroom is one of the prime locations for wanting a little privacy. Conversely, open floor plans and windows to let in natural light are popular for any room. In short, you may find yourself wanting some extra privacy. Add a small sense of seclusion to your bathroom while maintaining an airy ambience.

Semi-Sheer Curtains

If closing the bathroom off from the outside isn't a big concern, consider a set of semi-transparent curtain panels. Select curtains in light colors, perhaps with pretty embroidery. Add attractive hardware, such as decorative tie-backs and curtain rods. The semi-transparent fabric filters the natural light while also obscuring the bathroom's inhabitants.

Roman Shades

Sometimes you may want to close off the bathroom completely to the outdoor world, such as when you're showering. Home and Garden TV recommends installing patterned Roman shades. Select a pattern that complements the palette of your bathroom in a waterproof fabric. The bonus with Roman shades is that they maintain a flat profile even when drawn up completely, meaning they won't protrude into the visual space of your bathroom.

Plantation Blinds

Plantation blinds are similar to traditional blinds in that they consist of movable louvers. However, the louvers for plantation blinds are wider. The blinds themselves are typically made of wood and affix directly to the window frame. When the louvers are set, they obscure the view from outside while allowing sunlight to stream in. Plantation blinds are an elegant addition to your bathroom's décor.

Folding Screen

Within the bathroom itself you may want to add a little privacy, such as for a soaking tub. A folding screen is a good way to conceal a corner of the bathroom without negatively impacting the open feel. A folding screen isn't all that wide, and it doesn't extend all the way to the ceiling. Plus, it's clearly portable. Folding screens come in all manner of styles, from simple monochromatic to ornate patterns and hardware. If you want your screen to recede into the background, select a neutral shade or one made of a natural material such as bamboo.

Etched Glass Wall

Another method for promoting privacy within the bathroom itself is with an etched glass wall. Etched glass offers a semi-opaque surface, so it conceals whatever is behind. However, the glass itself not only allows some light through, it reflects the light back into the room. This creates even more of an airy ambience in your bathroom. You can select a glass panel with etching so significant it appears frosted or with etching that creates a pretty design. It's also possible to buy a film that you apply to clear glass – which can even be applied to your windows.

Promote a sense of privacy in your bathroom with your window treatments and décor. Contact a business, such as Sav-Mor Upholstery, for more information about window treatments.