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How To Paint Shower Door Frames

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You may find your shower door frame no longer matches the color of the room after remodeling, but you don't want to replace it. Give the shower door frame a make-over with a coat of paint. Painting the frame saves you money on buying a new frame, and it reduces waste, since you can reuse it for a new door.  

Shower door frames are commonly metal, which makes them easy to paint. Paint your door frame by following these tips.

Prepare to Paint the Frame

To paint the door frame, gather:

  • work gloves
  • dust mask
  • sponge 
  • painter's tape
  • drop cloths 
  • hair dryer (optional)
  • plastic utility knife or razor blade
  • rubber mallet
  • screwdriver
  • medium-grit sandpaper
  • shower cleaner
  • silicone caulk
  • paint brushes 
  • exterior metal primer
  • exterior rust-inhibiting acrylic latex paint or spray paint 

Keep a window raised to ventilate, or run an exhaust fan, and spread drop cloths around the work area floor. Try to spray paint outdoors.

If you plan to reuse the frame, detach the doors, lay them on a flat work surface, and remove the frame. Otherwise, painter's tape around the edges of the door, which also helps you paint straight lines.  

Most frames have screws that can be removed with a screwdriver or caulking. If needed, gently pry the frame from the door with a pry bar. Use a utility knife or razor blade to chip caulking. 

Clean, Sand, and Prime the Door Frame

Scrub the frame thoroughly using the shower cleaner and sponge. Rinse, and let it dry, or speed drying by using a blow dryer. Fix dents in the frame by tapping it with a rubber mallet.

Sand the frame surface to remove rust patches and stubborn debris, then use the tack cloth to clean dust. Brush or spray an even, thin coat of primer on the metal frame, let it dry four hours or for the suggested time.

Applying thin layers helps to prevent runs and drips. Add another layer, if needed, and let it dry twelve hours.

Paint the Door Frame

Exterior epoxy paint holds up better against water. Coat the frame with a thin, even layer of paint. If you are using spray paint, hold the can several inches away, and apply several thin layers.

 Let the paint dry according to the suggested time, which is usually twenty-four hours. Reseal the edges with silicone caulk, cleaning excess. Reinstall the doors after everything dries. If you are installing the frame on a new door, mark and drill pilot holes for screws.

If you don't feel comfortable making sweeping changes on your own, talk with a company that offers bathroom remodeling services.