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Strategies To Help Market Your Business At Trade Shows

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Setting up your booth at a trade show can be an essential aspect of marketing for many businesses. However, there are many mistakes that individuals will make when it comes to their trade show booth, which can inhibit its effectiveness and conversion rate.

Opt For A Bright Color Scheme

The color scheme of the booth can be an aspect that often goes overlooked. However, if you choose a color scheme that is dull or relatively monotone, it can be difficult to make it stand out among the crowds and competing booths. Choosing a brightly colored but professional looking color scheme can be an important ingredient in your trade show success. Fortunately, professional trade show booth design services are able to help you balance these seemingly contradictory needs.

Provide Handouts And Goodie Bags

It can be difficult to keep your brand in the mind of potential customers as they will have been bombarded by potentially hundreds of booths and sales representatives. One way to help them to specifically remember your booth and brand is by providing them with handouts and goodie bags. On these items, you should include your company's name as well as include a card with your website, phone number and other important contact information.

Have Individuals Working The Floor

When creating a plan for the trade show, individuals will often take a passive approach and simply try to catch the attention of those who pass by the booth. However, it can also be beneficial to have someone working the floor to help direct individuals towards your booth. While this can be a highly effective approach, it should be noted that most events will have rules governing where this type of activity can take place. For example, it will usually be discouraged to have employees doing this in front of other booths, but it may be allowed in other areas. By checking the rules for your venue, you will be able to avoid breaking any rules while attempting to market your business.

Keep The Booth Fully Staffed

It can be possible for your booth to quickly become extremely busy. Unfortunately, if individuals are not able to quickly get the attention of one of your workers, they may leave without visiting the booth. Ensuring that the booth is fully staffed at all times is imperative for avoiding missed conversion opportunities. When scheduling breaks for your workers, you may want to coordinate them around major events and activities at the trade show as many of the attendees may choose to attend it rather than visiting the booth area.

For more information, talk to a professional trade show booth designer.