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Ways To Take Care Of Your Office Furniture

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Every office needs several furniture pieces, such as chairs, desks, sofas, and tables. Your office furniture and furnishings can create a great impression of your business and influence clients to do business with you. Therefore, you need to invest in quality furniture and take good care of it. Here are ways to protect and maintain your office furniture.

Position Your Furniture Away from Direct Sunlight

Sun exposure causes the furniture to discolor and weaken over time. Therefore, you should position your furniture pieces away from direct sunlight. With the help of your interior designer, you should find a layout that won't expose your office furniture and furnishings to too much sun. Also, you can apply sealant on the furniture to block UV rays from penetrating the surface.

Lubricate the Wheels

The wheels of office chairs and desks accumulate dust and other debris when employees move around. The dirt and debris affect their mobility over time, and thus, you should have them vacuumed and wiped to remove the dirt. Also, you should hire professionals regularly to inspect and lubricate the wheels for smooth movement.

Keep Your Furniture Clean

Employees should clean chairs, tables, and other office furnishings at the end of the day. Also, they should organize their desks by putting pens in the holder, papers in the appropriate folders, and so on. If a pen leaks ink on the table, it might cause stains that affect the overall look of your office.

Clutter on the office desks could lead to scratches from sharp objects lying around. It is, therefore, important to provide your employees with desk pads to prevent such scratches. Also, teach your employees how to clean spills from different furniture materials, be it wooden, metallic, leather, or vinyl.

For example, with leather, spills should be blotted using a sponge or a clean absorbent cloth, and left to air dry. The cloth should be dipped in a mixture of mild soap and lukewarm water for stubborn stains. For better results, consider hiring professional office cleaners, probably once a month or every two weeks, to clean the office furniture.

Tighten Screws and Bolts

Most office furniture pieces are fixed with screws and bolts, which can become loose over time. It is advisable to tighten them every six months for smooth movement. Employees should report any defect immediately so you can replace the furniture or hire professionals for repair.

Office furniture can make or break your business deals. Since furniture can get stains, spills, and dust over time, hire experts to clean and repair the damaged parts. If the furniture is beyond repair, consider investing in new furniture from reputable suppliers. Visit a company like Interior Landscapes to browse their inventory.