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Kitchen Evolution: Remodeling Tips To Transform Your Kitchen From Old To New

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If it has been a while since you last remodeled your kitchen, it is likely your kitchen does not work for your lifestyle any longer. From outdated cabinets to boring color themes, there are plenty of reasons to give your old kitchen a new look. The right upgrade will give your kitchen a beauty boost and make it more functional to suit your needs.

1. Take cabinets to new heights

In older homes, standard kitchen cabinets left a space between the cabinet tops and ceiling. This made cleaning the kitchen a chore, as dust and grease from cooking often found their way to the top of the cabinets. Storing items on top of the cabinets added to additional cleaning tasks.

Replacing old cabinets with styles that sit flush against the ceiling is a smart choice. You will have more space inside the cabinet to store kitchen necessities and it eliminates the need to clean cabinet tops. 

2. Great creative with color

While neutrals remain popular, fun color combinations are bringing kitchens to life. White walls with black matte finished cabinets and white marble countertops are great for a sophisticated and modern look. For a softer look and to add warmth to the kitchen, use butcher block countertops with black cabinets and white walls.

Yellow and gray is another fun color combination that will bring a fresh yet tranquil look to your kitchen, as the gray is perfect for balancing out yellow's boldness. Do not be afraid to try a monochromatic color scheme, as it can add a cozy feeling to the kitchen. For instance, painting the cabinets, walls, and range hood in the same color can create a calming effect in the room.

3. Bring on the light

It is not uncommon for older kitchens to be short on light. Dim lighting can pull a kitchen down and make it appear drab and dreary. Upgrading your kitchen lighting is one of the most important things you can do to improve the look of the room.

Replace outdated ceiling lights with track lighting to add a refreshing look to your kitchen. Pendant lights are another great option and can be used to add a splash of color to your kitchen. Use bronze or other metal pendant lights if you prefer a little bling.

It is easy to get stuck in a kitchen rut. If you still have the same kitchen that was in the house when you bought it, you are probably missing out. Contact local contractors if you're ready for a total kitchen remodel.