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Upgrading The Cabinets That Are In Your Kitchen

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There are many different materials that you are able to use when installing new cabinets in your home. When you are in the process of evaluating the types of cabinets that you are wanting to install in your kitchen, it is important to be informed about the materials that are the most often used in these cabinets.


The durability and strength of the cabinets will always need to be a factor that weighs on your decision. Choosing cabinets that are too weak for your storage needs can lead to them suffering damage once you load them. Metal cabinets are among the strongest and most durable options. Furthermore, stainless steel cabinets are extremely easy to keep clean. While these cabinets may be among the more costly types of materials to use for your cabinets, they can easily last a decade or longer before they need to be replaced.  While a homeowner may be worried about these cabinets developing rust or other corrosion, this should not be an issue for stainless steel cabinets as they will be very resistant to the formation of rust. If a small portion starts to develop rust, it can typically be removed and a sealant may be applied to prevent it from coming back.


Traditional wood cabinets can provide a nice balance between durability and aesthetics. While these cabinets are not as durable as metal options, they can still be more than capable of lasting for years without experiencing significant problems. Unfortunately, these cabinets can be more prone to suffering discoloration over the years. In addition to the chance of the cabinets developing stains, they may also have their color fade by a significant amount. Opting for full wood cabinets can be an option that will mitigate these issues as these cabinets can be less prone to fading and they can be refinished to restore their look if they suffer significant visible wear.

Particle Board

A particle board is among the most affordable solutions for modern cabinets. When cabinets use this material, they will typically be covered by a wood veneer that will give them the look of traditional full wood cabinets. While this can give them a pleasing appearance, they will still be less durable than full wood cabinets. For this reason, this material is typically a better option for those that are wanting kitchen cabinets that are pleasing to look at while still being reasonably durable. These cabinets can also be significantly lighter than other options, which may make it easier to install them without needing to make structural changes to the kitchen.

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