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Basic Interior Design Ideas For Apartments

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When you live in an apartment, traditional interior design ideas may not be doable. You will likely have limited space, and the apartment may not have traditional-sized wall spaces. In some ways, interior design for an apartment, or even a small cottage, requires a creative touch.

Working with a residential interior design company can often help you work out the details. Here are some things to consider about apartment interior design to give you ideas on what you need.

Use space-saving furniture  

If you have limited space, try to get furniture that allows for more than one use or that you can collapse or store out of sight. Many coffee tables, for example, have storage areas. Some beds also have drawers that could replace a large armoire or wardrobe. If you have a studio apartment, you may find that a daybed or convertible sofa is a good choice to save space.

Keep items neat and organized

Clutter can have the effect of making your home feel small and stuffy. If you have a lot of small items, try to keep them neat, organized, and out of the way. Use tall bookcases to display books and knickknacks. You can use stylish baskets and containers to further store and hide things.

Use mirrors when possible

Mirrors can give you the impression that your tiny room is much larger. If you strategically place them, you can even give darker areas more light. Try different sizes and lengths to get the effect you want.

Keep furniture off the floor

Some design experts suggest not having any furniture that sits directly on the floor. A small space between the furniture and the floor gives a more open and airy feeling. However, choose wisely and don't go overboard with extra tall furniture as that may create the opposite effect. A good interior designer can help.

Stick to neutral colors

Room colors and artwork are purely personal. However, if you are aiming for a calm setting and the appearance of more space, light, neutral colors work well. Try to coordinate your wall and carpet colors with your furniture, if possible. If you can't change your carpet, perhaps an area rug will meet your needs.

Of course, some of the things you can do may be limited if you are a renter. If you plan to make long-term changes to the apartment, get your landlord's approval. Most of what you put into your apartment, like furniture, is usually under your control. Choosing colors and styles may be difficult. Therefore, you may need to call a residential interior design company for help.

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