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Why Commercial Interior Design Does Not Have To Be Boring

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When you think "commercial design," what do you imagine? Bare, stark walls and plain furniture? It sounds dull, does it not? Yet, commercial interior design does not have to be bland or boring at all. Here is why.

Not Every Business Is the Same

If every single retailer or every single restaurant were the same, then using the exact same design approach would make sense. However, the whole "commercial design equals institution look" is really passe. Businesses and restaurants, retail outlets and shopping centers all have their own unique look. If you want a unique look of your own, a commercial interior designer can sit down with you to discuss what that "look" looks like.

You Can Be "Loud" and Bold with Color (There Is No Rule Against It!)

People tend to ignore everything that is white. More to the point, they pass by what is blankly white and head for color or scenery. People are naturally drawn to color, and if you want to use "loud" or bold colors, you can. Geometric designs and graphics in key locations inside your business are really effective for adding bold colors that pop. That is what will draw the customers' attention and get them to come into your business.

Your Interior Should Relate to What Your Business Does, Sells, or Offers

It is a bit of a psychological tactic, but when the interior of a business is unique enough that it creates a little memory cell in the brains of your customers, they come back (or they at least remember that unique design facet of your interior). To be effective, the design should relate to what your business does, sells, or offers.

For example, you own a coffee shop. Your designer suggests cutting ceramic coffee mugs and saucers in half and inserting them into wet plaster on a wall near the tables in the shop. This creates a unique wall sculpture that adds interest, a focal point, and causes your customers to remember your shop as "the one with the mug and saucer wall sculpture." See how that works?

Furniture Does Not Have to Be Boring Either

Too many people think that any furniture involved in their business must be boring. No, you do not need chairs that remind you of a doctor's office. You need chairs that fit will the rest of the business space, if and when chairs are applicable. 

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